Flooring Questions

Q: How do I care for and prevent damage to my hardwood flooring?

A: To maintain your new flooring sweep regularly especially in high traffic areas. If your vacuum cleaner has a hardwood setting, this is more effective at removing dirt from your floors than sweeping. To maintain the appearance of your hardwood, use a neutral pH cleaner made specifically for hardwood flooring.


Q: How do hardwood floors compare to other flooring materials?

A: Hardwood outperforms and outlasts almost any other flooring, and no other material can compare to its natural beauty.


Q: Can hardwood flooring increase the value of my home?

A: Yes. Like all other home improvements hardwood can increase the value of your home. Research shows that 90% of real estate agents believe that homes with hardwood sell faster, and at a higher price, than comparable homes without hardwood flooring.


Q: Is hardwood a good environmental choice?

A: Yes. Hardwood floors are recyclable, require less energy to manufacture, and are a better insulator than other materials. All of our hardwoods are made exclusively from renewable tree sources. Ogden Flooring Center is committed to protecting the environment and recommends hardwood as an environmentally friendly alternative to other flooring materials.

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